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Clear Lake Sport Fishing

Bass fishing enthusiasts and their families are always at home at the Clear Lake Cottages and Marina. Located directly on the lake we give you excellent access to California's largest natural lake, complete with a private boat launch, ample trailer parking and a ten slip marina with electrical hookups for all your toys. 

We're the Bass Capital of the West

Clear Lake is home to "monster bass" and is known as the "Bass Capital of the West." Our Largemouth Bass fishery boasts one of the highest catch rates in California, and stocks both Florida and northern strains. The resulting bass population is noted not only for its quantity, but quality, with the current lake record standing at 17.5 pounds. There are usually multiple catches tipping scales at over 10 pounds caught every year, and fish ranging from 2 to 4 pounds are considered average. There are several excellent bait shops and equipment outfitters in town you can use to help get set up to catch the next record breaker, or you can hire one of our experienced fishing guides to learn new tricks or teach you the basics.

The lake is also well known for excellent catfish, carp, crappie, bluegill and the native Clear Lake hitch. For those who enjoy a little competition, there are over 25 professional and amateur fishing tournaments held each year on Clear Lake, including the annual Glenhaven Catfish Derby, the largest catfish tournament in the western United States.

Our Favorite Local Fishing Guides

Bob Thein Fishing Guide Service
Bob Thein has been fishing on Clearlake for over 28 years. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced angler, he will teach you the latest techniques and the many methods available to locate and catch bass!

Ross Englund's Clear Lake Guide Service
With a proven track record and winning tournament experience, Ross takes all the guessing out of where to fish, what bass lures to use, and how to fish the lures.

Bassin' with Bob
Whether you're a professional bass fisherman looking for that competitive edge or you're a beginning angler wanting to learn how to fish, Bob guarantees no other guide will work harder to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and catch as many fish as possible!

Gut Buckets Catfish'n Guide Service
Tom has been fishing for catfish since he was a child. A strong competitor in the annual Catfish Derby for the last 20 years he has developed the knowledge and techniques to ensure you are catching and having fun!

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